Northumbrian University, East Campus, Newcastle

This campus is the biggest builidng complex to be built in the North East in the last decade.  A lot of work has been put into the materials used on the build to help reduce the carbon footprit of the building, helping to saeguard the environment now and for the future.  The external design of the new building compliments the Newcastle skyline with its unique curved exterior.

Working alongside the main Contractor, it was estimated that hte time constraints and completion date of six months coulbe met by Dunningham Decoratiosn Lts with 16-17 painters.  Half way through the programme there was afire in the building causing over £200,000 of damage.

Followiong a meeting with all sub-contractors and a plan put in place with militiary precision, where the labour had to be increased to over 25 painters working alongside other trades enabling the team of painters to work speedily and complete areas without the dust and debris they had come to get used to during the week.  It was al hands on deck the following week bringing in up to 40 painters intotal to complete the remaining areas in order to get the project finished on time.

The project was deemed a credit to the painters involved of which acheived a national award from Johnstones Paints.


Main Contractor: 
Sir Robert McAlpine

Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Northumbria School of Law and Business studies.




Hospital Contracts

Aug 11, 2014

Dunningham Decorators complete Ryhope Hospita Projectl on time and awarded another Hospital Contract !

Painters & Decorators Required

Aug 11, 2014

Due to our susscess in winning various high profile contracts Dunningham Decorators are looking for time served tradesmen for various projects within London and various locations around the UK

Durham County Council Framework

Oct 7, 2013

Durham County Council Framework

Awarded Bernicia Contract

Aug 19, 2013

Dunningham Awarded 5 year term contract with Bernicia Housing Group

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